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MOT testing stations risk losing their license if caught offering DPF removal or bypassing the DPF

23 Mar 2015

On the 16th February 2014 the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) became a testable item. Any vehicle where
a DPF is missing that was fitted as standard should, from then, fail the MOT test. This was brought in with
Special Notice 1-2014.

The DPF plays an essential environmental role in enabling reductions in emissions which help meet strict
European emission standards, reducing air pollution and thereby improving health quality.
DVSA are aware of an increasing number of businesses offering a service to remove or bypass the DPF.
This practice compromises the MOT testing standards and therefore undermines the principle of
inspecting their presence.

Authorised Examiners are responsible to ensure that MOT Testing is carried out to the required standards.
Where a VTS is offering a service which could undermine this (such as removing or bypassing DPFs)
DVSA will consider this as bringing the MOT Scheme into disrepute.
Where the scheme is brought into disrepute DVSA may consider taking action to remove the Authorisation if appropriate.