International Leaders in DPF Cleaning


Ceramex invests over £3 million –ahead of a growing demand for Diesel Particulate Filter Refurbishing

21 Jan 2019


Ceramex Limited, an International leader in Diesel Particulate Filter Refurbishing, has reacted to the increasing demand for DPF refurbishing by investing over £3 million in a new facility upgrade.


Colin Lewis, Managing Director for Ceramex said, “ With the ever- increasing demand for tighter emission controls and the fitment of DPFs, it is inevitable that the demand for refurbishing DPFs is going to increase and future demands from our customers proves this.  Making sure we can handle future demands is extremely important to us and this new investment goes a long way to satisfying future customer demands. This facility upgrade will endeavor to maintain our dominance in the market place and further increases our capability to handle even more volume.”  


Ceramex is a British company that supply’s DPF refurbishing services to some of the world’s largest vehicle and equipment manufacturers, with service centers in UK, North America and Japan.  The company also cleans filters for heavy duty, LCV and passengers cars via its distributors.