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Can I remove my DPF and sent it to you directly?

If you are a trained technician and you have the diagnostic equipment to communicate with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on your car then this may be possible, however in most cases you will require a garage to carry out this work.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty (which ever comes sooner) for a free clean. This will even cover a prematurely blocked DPF, a guarantee you will not get with a new replacement. The cover is for a free clean and covers collection and delivery but not removal and fitting charges.

What is your success rate?

Our success rate is over 99%

Are there any filters you cannot clean?

Providing the DPF has no mechanical damage then we can clean any DPF. Occasionally we do come across some DPFs we have not seen before, this is not an issue and will be cleaned within our guaranteed turnaround time.  Any DPFs leaking oil or chemicals need to be brought to the attention of Ceramex before dispatch. A slightly different approach is taken with these DPFs.

Can I use a DPF chemical cleaner?

Most people tend to try and use DPF chemical cleaners once the horse has bolted. Most if not all cleaners only remove soot at best and not ash.  Where DPFs are severely blocked chemical cleaners will struggle to work.  DPF chemical cleaners are designed to aid the regeneration process to allow the soot to bun off at a lower temperature but they will not remove ash. 

Great care should be taken when using chemicals in order not to cause any detrimental effect to the catalyst washcoat on the DPF used by many vehicle manufacturers to assist with the vehicle regeneration process.

How much does the service cost?

The cost for cleaning only is around £300. The cost for removal, fitment and carrying out a diagnostic check will need to be carried out by a garage since every vehicle is different. To find a garage near you click on vehicle owners section and then click on find a garage.

My garage say they tried to carry out a forced regeneration but it did not work, can you clean it?

Yes we can, just ask your garage to give Ceramex a call. The Ceramex process removes both soot and ash from the DPF. A vehicle or forced regeneration will only remove soot, ash is non-combustible so it cannot be burned.

Will I get a report after you have cleaned my DPF?

Yes, every filter we clean comes with a report showing the results before and after cleaning. 

How do I know I will get the same DPF back?

All DPFs received are checked at goods in and are given a unique barcode, linking it to the distributor and garage it came from. This barcode stays with the DPF through the entire process. The barcode is scanned at every stage of the process giving you peace of mind that your filter has undergone a thorough cleaning and inspection

My car has two DPFs is this one charge?

If you have two DPFs then you will be charged for two cleans.

What warranty do you offer?

All car DPF cleans come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty (whichever comes sooner) for a free clean only. This is an unprecedented warranty and something you would not get with a new DPF.